Urban Gardening Services and Gifts

Living Art

Living Art provides Urban Gardening solutions where Art meets Design for the love of gardening. We provide consulting services for small spaces, balconies in the houses or large landscaping projects. Living Art also presents products in the catalogue which uses urban Gardening techniques. They make great personal collection and fabulous unique gifts.



Dream to pursue my passion for Gardening and Art came together in Living Art. Living Art is my expression of fun, creation, freedom and design. A cool way to offer gifts for any occasion and just about anyone. I hope you enjoy having them as much as I have enjoyed making them.

Our Designs, your collection, your gifts


Shot Of Life ,Life in your Palm, Joy La Vida ,Custom terrariums, Air Terrariums

Miniature Gardens

Mini basket gardens, Mini basket lake gardens, Custom Mini Gardens

Bonsai, Kokedamas

Bonsais, String gardens

Vertical Gardening

Live walls, Live Paintings, Live Graffiti services


Terrarium necklaces, Key chains


Acrylic paintings in A3 sizes

What We Offer

  • Balcony Garden Makeover services

  • Foodscapes, Grow and Eat your garden

  • Landscaping projects

  • Workshops

  • Miniature Gardens

  • Terrariums

  • Paintings

  • Vertical Gardening

  • Bonsai and Kokedama


  Living Art

Get a Small Place for Life,

Own a Living Art​.

Get a Small Place for Life,

Own a Living Art​.