Urban Gardening Services and Gifts

Terrarium Necklaces 

Adorn your Live Energy as an embellishment. Terrarium Necklaces envelops nature in small 1' to 11/2" inch glass Vials. A statement piece for you in  blue, green, brown, peach pink, white and whiten black with charms and clasps. They don't need care and make great unique gifts.

Vertical Gardening

Mount your plants on the wall. A concept popularized in Paris to grow plants on vertical planters. Hang live paintings on your wall or planters made from up cycled shoes. Dress your Balcony walls or make a statement by gifting loved ones


What We Offer

Bonsai and Kokedamas


Japanese art of moss ball gardens ( Kokedamas ), dont require a planter or pots. A variety of plants can be hung on your windows or balconies by using this technique and you have your own string garden. Bonsai an old art form from Japan of growing large trees in miniature form.

  Living Art